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Logo_BW_01 Logo_BW_02Q: What does a “black and white” logo look like?

A: Black and white logos have a classic look to them. They are usually black graphics on white background or white graphics on black background.

Take a look at the samples here.


Text_Only_Logo_A Text_Only_Logo_BQ: What does a “text-only” logo look like?

A: Text-only logos use interesting typography to highlight the name of your business. Such logos can be black and white, single-color or multi-color.

Take a look at the samples here.


Logo_sample_B Logo_sample_CQ: What does a standard logo look like?

A: Standard logos combine interesting typography, custom graphics and carefully coordinated colored to establish a professional business image.

Take a look at the samples here.


Q: What’s the difference between “web use” and “print use”?

A: Printing requires high-resolution images. In other words, “print use” logos are much bigger than “web use” logos.


Q: In what file format will I receive the logo?

A: For web-use, you will receive .jpg .gif and .png file . The max image size will be 512 pixel x 512 pixel.

For print-use, you will receive scalable .pdf and .ai file . The image resolution will be 300dpi.


Q: What if I don’t like the logo?

A: We take pride in our designs. But we also understand that everyone has a different taste.

While we can not offer a refund. We do offer unlimited revisions.

So if you don’t like what you see, tell us what needs to be changed and we will update the design.